Insights on Blended Learning, Custom Training and Curriculum Design

5 Training and Development Trends

How Does Your Learning Organization Compare to ATD’s State of the Industry? By Amy Franko Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying "change is the only constant in life." Indeed it is. As learning leaders, we need to keep our finger on the pulse of changes...

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Thirty-One Gifts: Simple. Easy. Faster.

Empowering Consultants with Video-based Training on New Virtual Office Tools We recently announced that Impact Instruction Group received an APEX Award for Publication Excellence for our work with Thirty-One Gifts. What made that project stand out? This case study...

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Reduce the Capability Gap with Technology-Based Learning

Of all the things that keep leaders up at night, one of the most challenging is the “capability gap,” that is making sure the right people are with the organization, in the right roles, and with the right skills to move the business forward. How can leaders assess...

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Persuasive Training Design: 7 Rules That Make a Difference

You're logging into a new online course, or you're walking into a classroom for a day-long workshop. You’re engaged and ready to learn. Then the first slide or page appears. You're greeted with text-heavy, 10-point font and loads of bullet points. It's gonna be a long...

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5 Quick Tips to Facilitate Like a Pro

Are you a facilitator?

If you’re a trainer, speaker, or a leader, you might readily answer yes to that question. But what if you’re running a project, a small group meeting, or even leading a conference call?

Anytime you are interacting with others . . . you’re also a facilitator!

Read on for 5 quick tips for being a star facilitator – they can be easily adapted for virtually any learning or workplace scenario.

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Putting Creative into Compliance Training

Article Published in Training Magazine on May 12, 2014 Annual Compliance training is often viewed as a necessary evil. We tend to let the legal language and highly regulated nature of the content limit our creativity. The net effect is that compliance training is...

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3 Training Myths and How to Bust Them

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s just easier to perpetuate myths than it is to address underlying problems. When a training initiative fails to achieve the desired results, we often chalk it up to ‘lazy learners’. When new ideas about workplace learning threaten the...

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What Do Bad Meetings and Bad Training Have in Common?

A survey by GiveMore asked this question – “What frustrates you most about meetings at work?” Here were the top 10 answers: Allowing attendees to ramble and repeat the same comments and thoughts. Doesn't start on time, stay on track, or finish on time. No specific...

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Capture Real-life Learning Moments

One of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, with formal learning initiatives is capturing what happens afterwards.  I like to call it “real-life learning” – taking what was learned, trying it out, seeing what results you get, and using that experience to try...

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Designing for the Virtual Classroom? 10 Tips to Help

At Impact Instruction, we receive many requests for design and development in the virtual classroom.  We’ve found this method to be a great middle ground between traditional classroom and self-paced experiences. But how do you design and develop for the virtual...

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Urgent vs. Important in Training Design

The dream project  . . . business needs are defined, the plan is in place, the content is reviewed, the outlines prepared.  Everyone is in agreement that it’s set to go.  You may even be further down the road into storyboarding or development, rolling right along. And...

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5,127 Attempts: Learning to “Think Wrong”

I love to have a clean house, but I hate cleaning.  With one exception . . . my Dyson.  It’s the Mercedes of vacuum cleaners, a $600 bagless marvel that sucks up everything in its path.  It has outperformed and outlived the many $100 vacuum cleaners now collecting...

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