5 Quick Tips to Facilitate Like a Pro

Are you a facilitator?

If you’re a trainer, speaker, or a leader, you might readily answer yes to that question. But what if you’re running a project, a small group meeting, or even leading a conference call?

Anytime you are interacting with others . . . you’re also a facilitator!

Read on for 5 quick tips for being a star facilitator – they can be easily adapted for virtually any learning or workplace scenario.

Putting Creative into Compliance Training

Article Published in Training Magazine on May 12, 2014 Annual Compliance training is often viewed as a necessary evil. We tend to let the legal language and highly regulated nature of the content limit our creativity. The net effect is that compliance training is...

Moving From Training Solutions to Performance Support Solutions

It’s time the L&D industry faced some facts: Our culture’s desire for convenient, self-directed, highly accessible and instantly applicable information doesn’t just vanish when we walk through the office doors. On thecontrary, it’s the little frustrations,...

3 Training Myths and How to Bust Them

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s just easier to perpetuate myths than it is to address underlying problems. When a training initiative fails to achieve the desired results, we often chalk it up to ‘lazy learners’. When new ideas about workplace learning threaten the...

Your Training Team – 3 Credibility-busting Behaviors to Avoid

By Trina Rimmer All too often, training teams are dusting off their superhero costumes in the quest to design and develop timely, relevant learning. Has this happened to your team recently? A request for a full-scale project with little time and almost no budget....

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