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3 Steps to Communicating Business Value

Building strong client relationships by creating – and communicating – value is an integral part of establishing your role as a strategic partner. An X-factor in the world of professional services. Strong strategic relationships and a reputation as someone who provides business value will help you stand out from the crowd. In a special article for CPA Trendlines, in conjunction with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) Summit 2018, I’m pleased to present my simple, three-step framework for communicating business value.

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Two More Sales Trends Creating Chaos in the New Sales Economy—and How to Tackle Them

The sales trends and disruptions we’re experiencing are more extreme than ever before. Some are due to technology, others are cultural. But all are changing the way our clients and prospects interact with us. Two weeks ago on this blog, I introduced you to the concept of seven trends creating chaos in the new sales economy, and I shared some tips for how to tackle these challenges. Today, I’ll reveal two more of the trends.

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Smart Leadership Insights from Smart Women Leaders

Few things energize me as much as a room full of smart women leaders. This week I had the opportunity to attend Smart Business Magazine’s Smart Women Awards & Breakfast in Columbus. As part of the event, a panel of four women leaders shared candid insights into their leadership journeys and secrets to success. Read this week’s blog for some highlights from that engaging discussion.

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Inside Sales Insights: Takeaways from the AA-ISP Digital Sales Leadership Summit

The AA-ISP Digital Sales Leadership Summit is one of the world’s largest gatherings of inside sales leaders. I was there earlier this month along with more than 700 other sales leaders to take part in three days of learning, sharing, and networking.

If you missed it, I share a recap of some of the most significant takeaways from the Digital Sales Leadership Summit in this article.

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How to Elevate Relationships for Sales Results

Relationships are key to success in sales. In a new episode of the Sales Evangelist podcast, Donald Kelly and I talk about the importance (and the how) of investing in your people to elevate your sales results. We also share ways that sellers can build strategic relationships with decision makers– and tips that will differentiate you and create sales momentum. Tune in now.

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5 Motivational TED Talks by Women Leaders

As we mark International Women’s Day, I’m reflecting on all the strong and wise women who have made an impact on my life. Moms, sisters, and aunts. Coaches, colleagues, mentors, bosses, and friends. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

To spread some inspiration in recognition of International Women’s Day, I’m sharing five of the most motivational TED talks by women leaders. Watch them now, and I guarantee you’ll be ready to pursue your greatest goals.

Go get ‘em, ladies.

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How to Build Your Leadership Identity and Leadership Brand

Leadership identity and leadership brand and integral for sales leaders. What’s the difference, and how can you build them both? I share strategies in a short video on our blog. I’m also honored to announce I’ve been included in the annual “Leading Women in Business – Columbus” feature in the March issues of O, the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur and Fortune.

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